SMARTY The New SIM Only Provider

Samarty Mobile

There is a new network on the block called Smarty which has a fresh approach to sim only tariffs and we think it deserves a look.
Their Mission is to put the trust back into their industry by doing things properly.

They currently offer 5 plans, 4 data back and one unlimited data.
All plans offer unlimited calls and texts and the data back plans work by charging you a base price of £5.00 plus the data you require at £1.25 per GB. If you use more than the data on your plan you pay a further £1.25 per GB which is the same as it costs in plan so no rip offs there.
If you do not use all the data you purchased in your plan it’s value is discounted off your next months plan.
You can change plan every Month so there is no problem in adjusting it to your needs.

Smarty Plans

PlanMinutesTextsDataMonthly Price
X Small

Network Coverage

SMARTY runs on the 3 Network so will work in any 3G/4G unlocked device.
You can check coverage on the SMARTY website.

Additional Benefits of SMARTY

  • No Credit checks.
  • No contract.
  • Keep your number – You can move your existing mobile number once you have received and activated your SMARTY sim. This is done through the SMARTY online account dashboard. You will need to request a PAC code from your existing provider which is normally done within 2 working days.
  • Cancel or change monthly plans at any time.
  • No hidden charges if you need more data.
  • Data can be used in any way you wish including tethering, tablets and mobile hotspots.
  • EU Roaming – You can use your plan in the EU as you would at home.
  • Roaming outside of the EU – You can use your phone outside of the EU on a pay as you go basis. You will need to top up your account and check the costs of the country you are visiting on the SMARTY website prior to travelling.
  • International calling – You can call internationally on a pay as you go basis. Check the cost of your destination on the SMARTY website and top up your account before calling.

Update: As from the beginning of October 2019 Smarty have discontinued their partner program so you will need to go direct to obtain a SIM card.

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