O2 Pay as you Go Data Rollover is here…

Data Rollover has arrived across O2’s £15, £20 and £25 data Big Bundles.

O2 Data Rollover

What is Data Rollover?

It couldn’t be simpler; Data Rollover allows eligible data Big Bundle customers the chance to carry over their unused data from one month to the next.

How does it work?

It’s really easy, as long as you renew your data Big Bundle, any unused data will carry over automatically but if you don’t renew, unused or rollover data will expire immediately.

Who’s it for?

Data Rollover is available to all new and existing £15, £20 and £25 data Big Bundle customers.

It is not currently available across the £10 and £30 Big Bundles, as well as the Classic and International sim.

Please note: allowances cannot be saved longer than a 30 day period. Any unused data will expire at the end of the month.

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