New O2 Pay As You Go sim Tariffs

On the 7th of November 2019 O2 changed their Pay as You Go sim tariffs.

In summary they have discontinued the Classic, International and £25 Big Bundles and upgraded the remaining Big Bundles offerings.
They have also introduced a new £5 Big Bundles sim.

What does this mean?

This means that there is no longer a true Pay as You Go offering and all bundles will incur a monthly charge however the Bundles are now better value for money.

All the changes in more detail

All data Big Bundle tariffs now come with even more data, as well as unlimited texts and minutes. There’s no longer a limit on how many times you can text or call. The £25 data Big Bundle is discontinued, however you can get the same amount of data, plus unlimited texts and minutes, for less money with the improved £20 tariff.

The all-new £5 bundle is to replace the Classic sim and is intended for customers who don’t own a smartphone and don’t need any data. With unlimited texts and minutes, you will have the freedom to chat and text, without paying for unnecessary data.

It is important to note that the £5 Big Bundle sims have a minimum top-up amount of £10. This means that if you top up the sim with £20, your allowance will last for 4 months, unless out-of-bundle charges are made.

Big Bundles Changes
UK and International Bundles Changes

What happens now?

  1. Any existing sims will get new allowances if they’re activated after the launch.
  2. Existing data Big Bundle and UK & International Bundle customers will receive updated allowances from their next bundle. O2 will contact them beforehand to let them know. 
  3. Existing Classic Pay As You Go, International Sim or £25 data Big Bundle customers will stay on the same tariff, but will be encouraged to join one of the new-and-improved tariffs.

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