New O2 Big Bundles 1GB Data Pay As You Go Tariff Available

New O2 Big Bundles 1GB Data Pay As You Go Tariff Available

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This tariff has now been replaced, see our sim card information page for the current tariffs.

The new O2 Big Bundles 1GB Data pay as you go plan was created for light users who own a smartphone. These people are more likely to use data than make calls or send texts.
The problem is with the ever increasing use of smart phone applications is users can soon find they are using up their data allowance. On standard pay as you go plans they may find that the majority of their credit is used paying for data. This is because a lot of apps stay connected in the background to check for notifications etc. So even though you are not using your phone it is is still using your data!

With the 1GB Big Bundles tariff  you get a monthly allowance of 1GB of 4G ready data, 100 minutes of calls and 100 texts for £10.

Existing O2 pay as you go customers can switch by texting 10DATABIGBUNDLE free to 21300 or call 2202 for free from their mobile. Requests to switch will take effect on your next renewal date.
You can view your remaining tariff allowances by texting BALANCE to 20202 or by calling 4444 which is free from your O2 mobile.

If you are looking to join O2 you can order your O2 Big Bundles sim card from us HERE.

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