Installing a GPS Tracker into a Caravan

Caravan GPS Tracker Installation

I thought I would share my experience in installing a GPS tracker into a caravan. This might give someone who is thinking about doing this a few pointers on how to go about it and what type of device to choose.


The Problem

A friend of mine recently purchased a used 2010 Stirling caravan which he was going to leave on a site for a while.
It was fitted with an Alarm and tracker from new, however he discovered neither of them were actually working.
He arranged for “Tracker” to come and install a new unit and the alarm was booked in for a fixed price repair with the manufacturer.

After the tracker had been installed he enquired how he would be alerted if the van was stolen. He was surprised to learn that the tracker would only be enabled when he phoned them with a crime number. The problem with this is when your van is miles away on a site how do you know it has been stolen!

Knowing that I have some knowledge on GPS tracking devices, he came to see me to see what I could do. He needed something that would alert him to his van being taken and give him its location at any time. He was taking it to site in 3 days so it would have to be something I already had to hand.

The Solution

The only thing I had was a simple Chinese GT02 device which he could text and it would reply with its location, in addition it could alert him to the van being moved. It was basic but it would do the job he needed for now.

If  given more time to specify and source a device I would recommend one with battery backup, then it will continue to operate and send alerts if the leisure battery is disconnected.

In addition to this it is possible to link to the alarm system to send an alert if it is triggered. The Sargent alarm fitted to this van has a wire for connecting to trackers which goes to ground when the alarm is triggered. Some devices have a input for such things as door alarms or other inputs which could be used with this.

GT02 GPS Tracker

GT02 GPS Tracker


First job was to find a constant 12v feed in the van. It was made by the Swift group and has a Sargent control panel so I was able to obtain enough information and wiring information from the schematics on their website to ascertain the alarm is powered from a feed in the front left storage box. The alarm plugs in to the fuse box (C44) which has the fuses for the towing electrics.

I traced the +12v constant feed and ground wires from the control panel and tapped into them. On this particular 2010 model the +12v was the brown and blue wire on the FB1 white connector. The ground was the white and orange wire in the FB2 white connector. The alarm wires were not used as this would hinder removal of the alarm if it need to be repaired or replaced. This was the case on this van as the alarm was faulty.

Sargent Caravan Fuse Board C44

C44 Fuse Board removed from the wooden panel.


The tracker was then fitted with a O2 Classic PAYG sim card and installed under the centre

table in the van.  It will be able to get a good GPS signal through the roof light. Once the device was up and running we were able to configure it by text message. It was configured to send a text alert if the van moved.

It was then ready for its journey to site the next day.

If you need a suitable sim card for a project such as this please see our sim card information page for more details.

3 Responses to “Installing a GPS Tracker into a Caravan

  • Kirk Evans
    3 years ago

    I have just purchased a GT02A tracker and the setup info is a little thin.
    Please could you explain how you set yours up to send an alert when the van was moved.

    • Hi Kirk,
      The move alarm is the function you need to enable.
      Once the van has been parked up send move+password. For example if your password is the default send move123456
      You should receive the response “move ok”.
      You will need to use the nomove command to switch off.
      Hope this helps!