How to Use a giffgaff SIM in a GPS Tracker

This is a step by step guide to setting up and using a giffgaff pay as you go sim card in a GPS tracker.

Currently giffgaff is one of the best options for a simple pay as you go tariff for use with a GPS tracking device.

Before you begin, if you don’t already have a suitable giffgaff SIM card you can order one for free below.

Get a free giffgaff Sim

This guide requires you to have access to a unlocked mobile phone.
A lot of people have these lying around in a drawer somewhere. It can be a very basic model as it only needs to dial numbers and receive text messages.

mobile phone
Basic Mobile!

If you don’t have a suitable phone it is not you will not have the ability to turn off the voice mail.

  1. Activate your sim (if this is the first time using it) by going to SIM Activation | giffgaff and add some credit.
    You will now know the number you have been allocated so save this in the phone you will be sending commands to the tracker from now.
  2. Install the sim in a unlocked mobile phone preferably one that uses a full size sim or if not one that uses the same size as the device you are going to be using it in. This is to save having to use an adapter afterwards.
  3. Turn off the voicemail by calling 1626 – This is useful if you are going to be calling your device to obtain its location as it saves you being put through to the voicemail service when the device cuts the call.
  4. Install the sim into your tracking device.
  5. Begin configuring your tracking device referring to the user guide for the correct procedure and commands.
  6. Set the APN (if required) – Depending on your device and how you are going to use it you may need to set the APN (Access Point Name)
    Devices require the APN when using data services, these include obtaining location address information and sending data to a tracking platform.
    You will need to refer to your devices user guide for the correct procedure but the settings for giffgaff are below.

giffgaff APN settings

User: giffgaff
Password: (can be left blank)

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